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NEWME and NEwMe diabetes

DIgital therapEUTICS   


A Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Platform 

The prevention & management of chronic diseases has been the focus of Eco-Fusion’s Digital Therapeutics for a good reason. The gold standard treatment of such conditions is largely based on guiding the patient through the process of acquiring healthier habits related to nutrition, exercise & medication adherence. Eco Fusion is adding a set of patented technologies for dealing with stress, sleep and general wellbeing. Our solution was shown to be clinically effective in reducing blood sugar of Type II patient by 18% within 8 weeks (a published article on the Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2017).  

Our solution

NewMe™ is an app & a web platform that connects patients and caregivers. It allows a medical professional or a team to deliver treatment, monitor its efficacy, and adjust it on a daily basis. The system provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s health and progress. Treatment adjustments can be done with a few mouse clicks and delivered to the patient instantly.

These capabilities help improve diagnosis and treatment and enable scalability & long-term success. The platform has multiple programs such as NewMe Diabetes and could be customized to a variety of other indications. For example, our solution was clinically validated and shown to reduce a1c and weight within 8 weeks (with sustainability after 16 weeks and 6 months).

Real-time data acquisition

Data-source: Smartphone sensors, apps, wearables, wireless medical devices such as Digital Scales, Glucose and Blood Pressure monitors and Electronic Medical Records.

Actionable Insight

Data is processed & organized to provide a coherent assessment of the user’s health status, and facilitate actionable recommendations.

Recommend treatment

System provides clinically validated pre-defined treatment plans for multiple diseases. Care provider may customize a treatment plan with a few mouse clicks.

Push treatment to patient

System pushes the treatment plan to the patient’s Smartphone and integrates it into her daily activity

Monitors efficacy & adherence

System monitors treatment efficacy & patient adherence 24/7

Care team – patient communication

Sharing a single platform, the care team can efficiently coordinate care and communicate with patient to address issues before they become acute.

Treatment adjustment

The data collected in this process allows for a timely adjustment of treatment to increase efficacy & adherence.

NewMe and NewMe Diabetes are oferred only through health organizations 

If your organization is interested in offering NewMe to its patients, we invite you to contact us.