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What we do

We are a Digital therapeutics (DTx) company, focused on brain health and how it affects most chronic, mental and severe illnesses. We address indications incurred by two out of three adults and one in three kids in the U.S.

We offer an interactive stress and disease management management system, and create customized solutions, with a primary objective of rapid and sustainable improvements in major health indicators.The system’s goal is to guide the user toward significant improvement in parameters such as total weight, BMI, HbA1c, cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, stress level, energy level and overall wellbeing. We primarily offer our platform to employers, HMOs and to partners such as pharmaceutical companies and government organizations, for a variety of drugs-software and performance enhancement applications, in areas such as diabetes and obesity, CVD and brain function.

Our mission

Our Mission is to alter healthcare by offering scalable solutions focused on the common levers of most chronic, mental and severe illnesses.