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NEWME and NEwMe diabetes

DIgital therapy to 
MANAGE Diseases


Digital Therapeutic Platform 

The prevention & management of chronic diseases has been the focus of Eco-Fusion’s Digital Therapeutics for a good reason. The gold standard treatment of such conditions is largely based on guiding the patient through the process of acquiring healthier habits related to nutrition, exercise & medication adherence. Eco Fusion is adding a set of Patented technologies for dealing with stress, sleep and general wellbeing. Our solution was shown to be clinically effective in reducing blood sugar of Type II patient by 18% within 8 weeks (a published article on the Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2017).  

Our solution

NewMe™ is an app & a web platform that connects patients and care givers. It allows a medical professional or a team to deliver treatment, monitor its efficacy, and adjust it on a daily basis. The system provides a rich picture of the patient’s health that includes her medical records, biometric real-time data and daily health-related activity. Treatment adjustments can be done with a few mouse clicks and delivered to the patient instantly.

These capabilities help improve diagnosis, treatment & cost and enable scalability & long-term success. The paltform has multiple programs such as NewMe Diabetes and NewMe Weight Management and other variants of NewMe, addressing the specifics of other chronic ilnnesses could also be customized. Our solution was clinically validated and shown to reduce a1c by 18% within 8 weeks (with sustainability after 16 weeks and 6 months), with a wealth of other indications under clinical review.

Real-time data acquisition

Data-source: Smartphone sensors, apps, wearables, wireless medical devices such as Digital Scales, Glucose and Blood Pressure monitors and Electronic Medical Records.

Actionable Insight

Data is processed & organized to provide a coherent assessment of the user’s health status, and facilitate actionable recommendations.

Recommend treatment

System provides clinically validated pre-defined treatment plans for multiple diseases. Care provider may customize a treatment plan with a few mouse clicks.

Push treatment to patient

System pushes the treatment plan to the patient’s Smartphone and integrates it into her daily activity

Monitors efficacy & adherence

System monitors treatment efficacy & patient adherence 24/7

Care team – patient communication

Sharing a single platform, the care team can efficiently coordinate care and communicate with patient to address issues before they become acute.

Treatment adjustment

The data collected in this process allows for a timely adjustment of treatment to increase efficacy & adherence.

NewMe and NewMe Diabetes are oferred only through health organizations 

If your organization is interested in offering NewMe to its patients, we invite you to contact us.