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What we do

We developed a clinically proven solution to assist in managing Diabetes and other chronic diseases.

How we do it

Our Digital Medicine, use the Smartphone as the central point of contact to collect, measure, track & monitor health related data, and to deliver treatment, including our award winning patented stress reducing technology. Using our solution, published results show a reduction of 1.8% (18% reduction) in A1c within 8 weeks of using the platform.

Data Streams

Data is collected 24/7 from built-in phone sensors, apps, wearable devices, wireless medical devices, and electronic medical records.

Actionable Insight

Data is processed & organized to provide a coherent assessment of the user’s health status, and facilitate actionable recommendations.

Built for collaboration & remote health

With the user’s permission – data, insights & treatment plans are shared in real-time with her medical provider. Built for remote health, her health professional can adjust & deliver treatment at any time with a few finger taps.

Compliance Monitoring

User’s compliance to treatment is monitored 24/7

Learning & Adjusting

System learns & adjusts treatment plan to optimize effectiveness

Personalized Treatment Plan

Recommendations are turned into a personalized treatment plan

Treatment Integration

Treatment is seamlessly integrated into the user’s daily activity


A ground breaking solution to treat Chronic Stress & Anxiety. The app measures stress and lowers it in five minutes a day. Serenita is also part of NewMe Diabetes.
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NewMe Diabetes™

Currently entering pilot programs in leading medical institutions. This mobile & web-based solution is designed to help managing diabetes and other chronic diseases. NewMe™ empowers patients to take ownership of their health and allows medical providers to monitor and deliver treatment in real-time.
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